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Having been running delicatezza for 16 months, we have come to the conclusion that online shopping is not for us. Now before you jump to any conclusions, keep reading…


We started our journey in the summer of 2013, taking product pictures, building our website, setting up our business processes and thinking of the online customer experience.


We were proud of our achievements when we launched in November 2013. We hoped that people would stream to us and buy from us regularly, spending a lot of money in the process.


As part of this process, we have had to try and figure out how to get our name out to people who enjoy Italian food. A lot of this is trial and error. You try an advertising campaign. It works. You do it again. When it fails, you decide to either tweak it (and try again) or stop it (and try something different).


Along the way, in part due to our company ethos at delicatezza and in part as a result of in person conversations we had with you, we realised that running an ecommerce store is not only about making money and shoving our products down your throats. It is above all about you.


This is why we try to get a balance between more direct sales-focused marketing and other content and sponsorships. For example, we are very proud of the co-sponsorship of both TIJ Events and CinemaItaliaUK in 2015. These events not only showcase fantastic Italian artists, directors, and performers, but also allow us to make free tickets available to you.


We are also always happy when your reaction to fun campaigns is positive. Our #foodmoment photo competition in late 2014 was a success. And we have recently launched a similar #delicapic competition – where we offer a £50 voucher for the best submitted photo every month.


Keep submitting your feedback to us – via email, via our automated product reviews, or via a phone call to us – we are listening!


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