The customer is not always right

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We try our very best to make our customers happy, but sometimes they are just plain wrong.

From the outright outrageous requests to the more bemusing interactions, below are snippets from some of our funnier customer conversations.



We understand that these situations come with the territory. In many ways they brighten up the mood in the office, but that doesn’t make the customer always right.


The EasyJet Excess Baggage Charge

Customer: Do you deliver to Italy?

Delicatezza: No, we deliver throughout the UK from our London base.

Customer: But you import from Italy, correct?

Delicatezza: Some food we make fresh to order right here in London. Others we import through our suppliers from Italy.

Customer: Excellent, because I’m traveling to Italy soon.

Delicatezza: That’s wonderful, but how can we help you today?

Customer: You have your own shipping containers, right?

Delicatezza: No, why?

Customer: I was wondering whether I could drop off a suitcase with you so you could transport it to Italy for me and I could then pick it up from there.

Delicatezza: We don’t really offer this type of service…


The Mailing List Mystery

Customer [via email]: Please stop emailing me. Take me off your email list immediately!

Delicatezza: No problem. We have unsubscribed you from our email list. You will not receive newsletter emails from us going forward.

Customer [one month later via phone]: I haven’t received any email notifications from you and my friend tells me you just sent out a discount code.

Delicatezza: It looks like you requested to be unsubscribed from our email list a month ago.

Customer: Well add me on. I don’t want to miss out on offers.

Delicatezza: No problem.

Customer [one week later via email]: Please stop harassing me with emails!


The Five-Pack Fiasco

Delicatezza [calling customer]: Hi, we noticed you entered a code to receive a six-pack of free glasses, but you live outside of London and the promotion was aimed at London customers only. This is because the glasses are fragile and we can’t guarantee the glasses will arrive intact using a courier service. However, we can offer to attempt delivery if you accept the risk that the glasses may break in transit.

Customer: That’s very kind of you. I’ll take the risk. Thank you.

Customer [on delivery day via phone]: Hi, one of the free glasses you sent me broke. Can you please send a replacement? How can I possibly serve my guests if one of the glasses is broken?

Delicatezza: We sent out the glasses on the basis that you accepted the risk that they might break. Isn’t having five free glasses better than having none? We’re sure your guests will understand. Tell them you bought a set of five.

Customer: I’d rather have a sixth glass sent to me please.

Delicatezza: If you’re happy to pay for the delivery charge, we’ll happily send you out a brand new set – although we can’t guarantee it’ll arrive intact again.

Customer: No, it’s fine. I’ll just tell my guests I bought a set of five.


The Missing Mozzarella

Customer [via phone]: I won’t be home for my delivery today. Can you please leave it with my neighbour?

Delicatezza: No problem. Can you give us the neighbours flat number and name?

Customer: It’s flat B. We are flat A. There are only two flats in our building and they know to expect you.

Delicatezza: Ok. We’ll inform our driver.

Customer [next morning]: I didn’t receive my order last night. Where is it?

Delicatezza: We left it with Flat B as per your instructions.

Customer: I checked with them and they said it never arrived.

Delicatezza [after checking up on the order status]: We double-checked with our driver and he said he left it there. Our vans also have GPS and we can see he stopped in front of your house. Can you put your neighbour on the phone so we can speak to them please?

Customer: No need. They just told me they found the package. It slipped their mind. Sorry.


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