Who makes delicatezza's fresh food?

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Delicatezza are extremely proud of our freshly made range - every item in this category is freshly made to order, enabling our customers to enjoy the freshest possible products from the comfort of home.


None of this would be possible without the expertise of our resident chefs, Ercole and Salvatore. Ercole runs our pasta kitchen and is also responsible for our award-winning cannoli and fresh pre-prepared meal range. Salvatore is our resident cheese maker, and takes great pride in producing our award-winning mozzarellas and fresh cheeses.


An Introduction to Salvatore

Our very own expert cheese maker, Salvatore, has spent his entire career making cheese – 10 years of which were working in a small artisan caseficio in southern Italy, before heading west to London four years ago.


Salvatore Lula: The happiest cheese maker this side of Salerno


Whilst in Italy he learnt the art of fine Mozzarella from a renowned cheese maker who taught him the original artisanal techniques that Salvatore still employs today. Recalling the trepidation of working with a strict task master, Salvatore says: “I was very scared, I didn’t want to get it wrong or make a mistake as the smallest error could ruin the cheese and cost a lot of money. It is a delicate process.”


After his apprenticeship, he honed this level of care and attention through a year long cheese making course where he puts it that he: “fell in love with cheese and everything about it – the milk, the production and of course the eating!” We are delighted to call him our very own cheese maker extraordinaire.


An Introduction to Ercole

A proud Sardinian with a passion for food, Ercole attended catering college in the Sardinian coastal town Alghero before embarking on a career cooking in some of the leading hotels and restaurants in Milan and Florence.


His talents were duly noted and as a result he was head-hunted to the UK to convert a well known French restaurant into an Italian one. With burgeoning success, Ercole decided the time was right to break out on his own – in 1982 he opened his very own Italian restaurant, the ‘Latin on the Lane’, in Brighton.


Over a 25 year period, the Latin on the Lane served customers with the finest fresh pastas and seafood, covering various Royal families, politicians, musicians and Hollywood movie stars.


Ercole Cappai: Making food fit for royalty


Motivated by culinary innovation and a desire to serve customers across the country, Ercole sold Latin on the Lane and set up his own pastaficio. It is in these hallowed kitchens where a large proportion delicatezza’s freshly made items are lovingly produced. We’re glad that Ercole made this choice and hope you enjoy eating his fabulous food as much as we do.


You may have also seen Ercole interviewed as part of Channel 4's Food Unwrapped series where he provided his expert insight into the world of fresh hand made pastas versus their dried equivalents.


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