Fusilli Gluten Free Barilla (400g)

Giving up gluten does not mean giving up the pleasure of pasta! With Gluten Free Fusilli Barilla you can not go wrong: thanks to their spirals perfectly hold the sauce giving your dishes a balanced and enveloping taste. The result is a delicate flavor and balanced for pasta Gluten finally good as Barilla ever.

Barilla's Fusilli - meaning little spindles in Italian - is pasta in long spiral shapes.

These pasta shapes are a perfect canvas for vegetable, cream and cheese sauces. They are also excellent in pasta salads and baked pasta.

Try pairing with one of our fresh sauces or our pasta sauce range for a nutritious and convenient meal.

Ingredients: Water, White Maize Flour (65%), Yellow Corn Flour (29.5%), Rice Flour (5%), Emulsifier: Mono and Fatty Acid Diglycerides.

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