Linguine IGP di Gragnano (500g)

Linguine originated in the Liguria region of northern Italy and is Italian for 'little tongues'. It is a narrower version of Fettucine and is occasionally referred to as flat spaghetti. It is a versatile shape, often paired with sea-food or a variety of sauces from cream to tomato. It also works fabulously when paired with Pesto al Genovese.

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The Di Gragnano range is a world leading pasta range from Naples. To be called Pasta di Gragnano, the pasta must be produced in a legally defined area in and around the Bay of Naples and it must be made by mixing durum wheat with the calcium poor water of the Monti Lattari. The dough is forced through rough bronze forms (trafilata al bronzo) and dried at low temperatures in the mountain air, helping to create this delicious pasta range.

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