Chocolate and Cherries Panettone Hand Wrapped Bonifanti (1Kg)

Chocolate and Cherries Panettone has a flavour that comes from the most exquisite bakery art of Piedmont with a combination always loved, consecrated by the latest trends of taste. In this traditional non-glazed sourdough Panettone made with candied cherries and extra dark chocolate chips. Hand wrapped and tied with a ribbon.

Bonifanti are experts at making panettone with over 80 years of experience. It takes three days of special attention to create a Bonifanti panettone. Everything starts from natural yeast which is kneaded into dough and left to rest overnight. In the morning, natural ingredients are added before the dough is divided into portions and left to rest for a second leavening. When baking is finished, the panettone is turned upside down to maintain its shape and left overnight to cool at room temperature, allowing the flavours and aromas to blend perfectly.

IngredientsWheat Flour, Candied Red Cherry Pieces (13,8%): (Half Cherries 49%, Glucose - Fructose syrup, Sugar, Lemon Juice Concentrate Black Carrot Concentrate), Butter, Sugar, Fresh Egg yolk from barn hens, Natural Yeast Sourdough: (Wheat Flour, Water), Chocolate chips (6,9%): (Sugar, Paste of cacao, Cocoa butter, Soya lecithin, Natural Vanilla extract), Water, Cherry's granulate jelly: (Fruits 43%: (Cherries: (Cherries puree 14%, Cherries juice
concentrate 14%), Apple puree 15%), Sugar, Fructose syrup, Rice flour, Gelling agent: pectin, Acidifier: Citric acid, Flavours), Emulsifier: mono and di-glycerides of fatty acids, Fresh Egg white from barn hens, Honey, Invert Sugar syrup, Milk powder, Salt, Cacao butter, Flavours, Vanilla beans from Madagascar.

May Contains traces of: Tree nuts.

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