Parmigiano Reggiano DOP - Matured 24 Months - Hand Cut (1/2, or Full Wheel)
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This incredible Parmigiano Reggiano matured 24 months is available in sizes from a whole wheel to 1/2 of a wheel - perfect for large occasions!

Parmigiano Reggiano is a hard, granular cow's milk cheese which is cooked but not pressed and named after the producing areas near Parma in Italy. It is widely considered the 'king of cheeses' and has been produced for over 9 centuries. 

Our Parmigiano Reggiano is matured for 24 months - the gold standard for this type of cheese. It is an essential addition to pasta dishes, stirred into soups and risottos and can also be just roasted and eaten as a snack. The slivers and chunks of the hardest parts of the crust can also be simmered in soup.

The words PARMIGIANO REGGIANO are stenciled in small dots all over the sides of the wheel: this is a mark of quality and a guarantee of the authenticity of this classic cheese. The words are etched into the molds, which are owned by the Consorzio; they are duly scrubbed off any cheeses that fail to meet the Consorzio's standards. About 8 percent of a given year's wheels are scrubbed of their letters and sent to a grating company.


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