Amido di Mais - Corn Starch Maizena (250g)

For soft and light cakes
Also ideal for completing sauces, stews and soups
New space-saving packaging
Gluten free

Cakes and desserts Use half a dose of cornstarch starch and half a dose of flour (for the preparation of particularly soft desserts, use two thirds of cornstarch cornstarch and one third of flour). Puddings and creams Replace the dose of flour specified in the recipe with the same quantity of cornstarch Maizena. Sauces, stews and soups Sauces and stews: dissolve a spoonful of cornstarch cornstarch in 50 ml of cold liquid (water, milk or broth) to bind about 200g of sauce. Soups: dissolve a spoonful of Maizena cornstarch in 50 ml of water to bind about 500g of the preparation. Maizena corn starch should only be added to the dish being prepared at the end of cooking. Do not prolong the cooking because for Maizena corn starch it takes a few minutes.

Keep in a cold and dry place.

Ingredients: Corn Starch

Does not contain: Gluten

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