Pandoro Bottega Balocco (1Kg)

Pandoro Bottega Balocco is the premium artisan and fragrant pandoro made with barn eggs, fresh Italian milk and Piedmontese Alpine butter.

Bottega Balocco signifies products of the highest quality, starting from the selection of premium raw materials to the creation of the finest pastries. From the love for tradition, quality and the inseperable bond with Piedmont, an exlusive collaboration with Agrimontana was born. Agrimontana selects the finest fruits available in Italy and its candied fruit is of the highest quality, processed from fresh and respecting artisan methods, never using sulfur dioxide or artificial colours and flavours. Agrimontana uses a slow process of dipping the fruit in a syrup made exlusively of water and sugar to preserve and enhance the colours, flavours and natural aromas of the fruit. Our panettone is made using only sourdough yeast, fresh Italian milk and Italian barn eggs. In compliance with Piedmontese tradition, the panettone is then cooled for eight hours upside down in a natural microclimate, so as to preserve the characteristic dome shape and aromas that create this unique and exquisite product.

Ingredients:åÊwheatåÊflour, sugar, freshåÊeggsåÊ20,7%,åÊbutteråÊfrom the Piedmont Alpine supply chain 15% (corresponding to 20% pursuant to Italian Ministerial Decree DM 22/07/2005),åÊ natural yeast (wheatåÊflour, water, yeast), emulsiers: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids; pasteurized freshåÊmilkåÊ1,8%, salt, flavourings, cocoa butter.

May contain other tree nuts and soya.

The highlighted ingredients can cause reactions in allergic or intolerant subjects.

Keep in a cold and dry place.

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