Bottega delle api Eucalyptus Organic Honey (250g)

We began to breed bees, driven by an innate passion, we talked about the bees without knowing them thoroughly until one day, almost 30 years ago, we decided to buy some swarms from an old beekeeper.We have learned the care and respect for bees by taking only a part of what they produce. We leave enough supplies for overcoming winter.

The bees, like all the other animals, get sick. To help them live we only use natural products.

The pastures where the bees collect the nectar we choose carefully and prefer pristine areas of our territory.

Our Mediterranean scrub is so rich in aromas and plant essences that make our honey naturally of excellent quality.

We are in Cava de 'Tirreni, a few steps from Salerno, at the gates of the Amalfi Coast. In a splendid splendid valley between the Lattari mountains and the Amalfi Coast, an ideal place to produce in optimal conditions of flowering and humid heat.

The chestnut is the typical plant of the hilly woods and blooms in the month of June. the production of nectar is so abundant that the bees collect it until it is night.

Eucalyptus is a tree that grows along the coasts where it resists saltiness and the impetuous wind. It blooms in July.
Honey is crystallized, the consistency is pasty and the color is beige with gray hues, hazelnut.
The intense smell is of elicrisio, of Mediterranean stain.
The taste is not very sweet.the intense aroma closely resembles a milk candy with liquorice or even the aroma of sweet tobacco.

Ingredients: Italian Honey.

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