Sapori Antichi Srl

The history of Sapori Antichi began in 1996, when Marco Zanier had a brilliant intuition: launching his own company of high-quality pasta. Since the very beginning, Marco Zanier traced his strong bond to his native land into his traditional pasta methods.

Carnia is a small piece of land located in the northern part of Friuli Venezia Giulia where an entire universe of local traditions and culinary art had been preserved during the passage of time.

Four years later, Sapori Antichi moved to Socchieve (UD) because buildings were too small to produce an adequate amount of pasta, to fully satisfy customers.

The new seat was broad enough to hire a larger number of employees and to establish a new productive line. Once more, Zanier’s choice proved to be successful. The Carnic pasta factory began to be appreciated abroad: the three-coloured pasta became a must.


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