The Sicilian Kitchen

When I was 3 years old, I used to help my Sicilian Nonna (grandmother) to cook. She loved creating flavours that brought comfort and joy. From stews to pizza and ragu and pasta; I have only vividly beautiful memories of food and my lovely Nonna.  She shared her love with every action; especially when cooking....

She made me my own little apron and we used to forage, collecting blackberries, plums and herbs. The smell of lavender will always reminds me of her. I dedicate all these 'Flashy Food' creations to my Granny Flora, whom I will love for all eternity....

Food can be such an amazing thing, but we don't always have the time or skill to make flashy looking food that doesn't take hours to be prepared. I love seeing people taste a flavour for the first time or try a new dish with familiar ingredients used in a specific way as to make them seem new!

I hope that Flashy Food will inspire you to taste new things, make new dishes and become an even better cook.

Buon appetito!