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We understand that reducing outgoings is just as important as eating quality food. That's why we have priced all our foods very competitively to help you eat well without breaking the bank.


How much could you save by shopping at delicatezza? 

We've compared the contents of typical Italian shopping basket against a number of our competitors: from leading UK online supermarkets to more specialist online delis. The basket is composed of both basics for your pantry and also essentials for a proper meal (yes, we have included fresh cannoli as a dessert!).


We offer the cheapest prices on the web. When you consider the fact that we are the only ones to offer always free delivery within London, with a minimum order of only £20, you literally only pay for what you order.


Product Delicatezza Price (£) Best Competitor Price (£)
Burrata from Puglia 250g 3.99 4.31

Parmigiano Reggiano DOP 24 Months (1kg)

17.98 25.50
Grana Padano DOP 16 Months (1Kg) 13.98 15.00
De Cecco Penne 500g 1.49 1.55
Barilla Fusilli 500g
1.29 1.50
De Cecco Olive Oil (750ml) 4.99 6.74
Mulino Bianco Abbracci 2.29 2.70
Mulino Bianco Pan di Stelle 2.29 2.70
Tarall'Oro Taralli 300g 2.49 3.15
Rio Mare Tuna (2x160g) 4.69 6.00
'Nduja from Calabria (400g) 6.99 9.77
Lavazza Espresso Qualità Rossa (250g) 2.99 3.00
Fresh Cannoli (250g- 8 pieces) 4.99 7.99
Fresh Lasagne (2Kg - also single portion available) 19.99 28.00
Total 90.44 117.91


What makes us happy is knowing that you will have a delightful moment while eating our products :)

Notes: All prices taken on 02 Oct 2015. Regular prices, excluding temporary sales and promotions.