WH | Barilla Penne Rigate Gluten Free (14x400g)
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Giving up gluten doesn't mean giving up the pleasure of pasta! The Gluten Free Penne Rigate Barilla marry the traditional oblique cut "a pen" with a balanced flavor and are ideal with sauces with delicate flavors. The result is a delicate flavor and balanced for pasta Gluten finally good as Barilla ever.

Barilla's Penne Rigate are amongst the more famous and popular pasta shapes, arising from the Campania region in southern Italy. "Penne" is the Italian word for quills or feather pens, and are large, straight tubes cut on the diagonal to resemble the point of a quill. The "Rigate" name signifies the penne is ridged to better hold the sauce.

Penne is one of the most versatile pastas as it compliments most types of sauce, both creamy and heavy, plus al forno (oven-baked) dishes.

Try pairing with one of our fresh sauces or our pasta sauce range for a nutritious and convenient meal.

Ingredients: Water, White Maize Flour (65%), Yellow Corn Flour (29.5%), Rice Flour (5%), Emulsifier: Mono and Fatty Acid Diglycerides.

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