WH | Black Truffle Cheese (avg. 400g)
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Made in province of Lucca, Italy, Formaggio Misto al Tartufo (Black Truffle Cheese) is a medium-aged sheep's milk cheese, studded with pieces of black truffle. The milk is sourced from rare breeds of Massese and Garfagnina sheep located high in the mountains between Northern Toscana and Emilia Romagna.

The exterior rind is thin and slightly waxy and pale yellow in colour. The interior paste is semi-soft and supple, ivory white in colour. The flecks of black truffle add a delicate yet earthy flavour.

The inspiration for Formaggio al Tartufo came from a desire to create a cheese made with black truffles that could be used not only as a table cheese but also a wonderful ingredient in dishes such as pasta and polenta.

Shel life: approx. 4 months

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