WH | Carciofini Arrostiti - Roast Artichoke (1.6lt)
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Our plates were overflowing with artichoke leaves.  Some leaves were neatly stacked on one side while the others were left haphazardly all over the plates and spilling on the table.  Every single leaf was pulled out from the globe with only the tender part of the leaf eaten.  It seemed like a tedious job of taking apart the artichoke leaf after leaf before arriving to the core which is the biggest surprise you will have. - See more at: http://www.apronandsneakers.com/2013/05/carciofi-arrostiti-roasted-artichokes.html#sthash.XNZkTXT5.dpuf
The leaves are surprisingly tasty, garlicky and smoky. When you arrive to the core of the artichoke, you will be in for a delectable treat. It's so tender and tasty. And that's the time when you grab for seconds. It's so good that you would immediately want to have them again.
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