Coppa Piacentina DOP Gagliardi (Avg. 1.5Kg)

Coppa is an air-dried and aged pork shoulder. The meat is evenly and carefully hand-rubbed with a mixture of salt, garlic and other spices.

Produced using only top quality Italian pork in full respect of PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) process. The manufacturing process consists in dry-salting of well trimmed cup with a mixture of salt and spices. The salting process has a duration of 15 days during which it is treated with massages alternate to some rest in cold rooms. Then it is matured.

Product CharacteristicsWhen cut, the slices are compact and homogenous, the colour is red with some pinkish white parts. It has a sweet and delicate taste with a distinctive aroma that is refined with the maturation.


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