Flora Rice for salad (1kg)
Hurry, only 15 left!

Flora was born in the late 1960s as a Parboiled Rice Specialist and is known to have been the first brand to launch the boiling process in Italy.

Leader in the Parboiled Rice industry, Flora is still today identifying itself with the historic rice that does not scorch. Over the years, the brand decides to undo its undisputed perfect yield capability on a wider range of products. 

Afterwards, the path of innovation will lead to the introduction of new types of simple product to be cooked and tasty, ideal for those who appreciate the speed of preparation without sacrificing flavor.
Riso Flora is also the guarantee of the best result in the kitchen, the perfect success of every recipe obtained from the selection of excellent varieties of rigorously Italian rice and stiff controls at all stages of the production process.

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