Gallo Rice Original (500g)

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Sale Gallo Rice Original (500g)
  • Gallo Rice Original (500g)
  • Gallo Rice Original (500g)

The Riso Gallo story begins in 1856 in Genoa with a man called Giovanni Battista, and today, some 158 years later, his direct descendants in the sixth generation are still running the business, now located in Robbio Lomellina. Riso Gallo produces rice in the Northern Po Valley, the only authentic risotto rice growing region and the single biggest rice growing area in Europe.

"Gran Gallo" is a tribute to our tradition. Last century the company used animal symbols to identify the different rice varieties: giraffe, tiger, eagle, elephant and cockerel.

The Cockerel ("Gallo" in Italian) was used to represent the very best-quality rice and this is why it has, over time, become the very symbol of the company. A lesson we do not forget, quality always pays over time.

Rice weeders, some of whom direct descendants still work for Riso Gallo today