WH | Gavi del Comune di Gavi DOCG Nicolello (75cl or 6x75cl)
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Wine: Light, straw-yellow with greenish highlights. Characteristic, delicate, dry, fresh and harmonious. Fresh, zesty bouquet with hints of citrus. Balanced with a subtle finish.

Winery: Casa Vinicola Nicolello produce only the finest wines. They were founded in the 1900s since which time the family’s expertise has been passed down from generation to generation. The vineyards are located on the Langa and Roero regions. Strong soil, loving care and a dry climate are all positive effects experience by the vine, especially during ripening. This, together with organic cultivation methods and meticulous care in the choice of bunches during harvest and the marriage of tradition with modern technology in the cellar, results in drinkers enjoying fruit of excellent quality.

Grapes: 100% Cortese


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