Grondona Cantucci (110g)
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Biscuit slices, made of flour, sugar and egg white. This was how Cantuccio was described in 1691 by the Accademia della Crusca (the worlds oldest philological “institution” dedicated to the Italian language). Already famous at the court of De Medici, the small
diagonal slices cut from a single length of dough were originally called "alla Genovese ". Various versions were created before the pastry chefs of Tuscany created what is now a well loved classic.

Today Grondona has taken an antique recipe and enriched it with all the care of traditional craftsmanship using only the most carefully selected raw materials.
Pure butter, almonds from Puglia and the knowledge of those who have been making biscuits for more than a hundred years. A few ingredients for a recipe of robust simplicity, like the family celebrations spent together.


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