Grondona Moretti (65g)

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Grondona Moretti (65g)

A kiss, but it's intense. The lady kiss reverses its flavors and trasorma in small hearts hazelnut covered with pure dark chocolate.
The Moretti are specialties because special is the careful selection of ingredients and the processing, only Piedmont hazelnuts first choice, we buy whole and that only later tostatiamo, We peel and sminuzziamo. In this way we can transmit our passion for quality throughout the supply chain, up to your palate.

Since 1920, Orlando Grondona and family have been producing Genovese biscuits according to traditional housewives' recipes. By carefully using the finest ingredients - Manitoba flour (rich in gluten and protein for a fuller taste), Italian mother yeast to vanilla beans from Madagascar – the taste is as refined as the beautiful packaging.