Justo Leggero Appassimento 75cl

Justo, as the name suggest is a lighter style of appassito wine that follows some of the rules Amarone wines observe. While some of the grapes are dried to provide “just” the right amount of concentration and depth of flavour, Merlot, and international variety very popular amongst winemakers in the Veneto region, is added to the mix. This wine is has the complexity of an Amarone but with a slightly more elegant and lighter structure.

Tasting Notes: Intense and brilliant ruby red in color. On the nose there are the characteristic notes of ripe fruits and cherry. On the palate it has a smooth and velvety taste, with a refined structure and a good fruit concentration.

Production Area: Italy - Veneto

Winery: Cesari

Main Grape Variety: Corvina

Vintage: 2014

Wine Type: Red

ABV: 13.50%

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