WH | Lasagna Doppia Riccia De Cecco (24x500g)

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Lasagna Doppia Riccia De Cecco (24x500g)
Lasagna larga doppia riccia (double curled lasagna) is a special large lasagna format with a curled ribbon border on both sides. It originates from Southern Italy, particularly from Campania. Like all the curled edge pastas even this one, tipically shows a difference of consistency between the smooth and the curled part after having been cooked. The curled part has also a very important role in holding a major quantity of sauce onto the Lasagna.Lasagna is one of the oldest formats to be known. It is probably the same Latin "Lagana" (which in turn was the Greek "laganon": big flat pasta sheet sliced in stripes), the format starts to be known as "Lasagna" after 1000 d.C. The first evidence of its wide spreading as "Lasagna" come from the the first verses of XII century famous Italian poets. "The peppercorn wins/in virtue of the lasagna" Jacopone da Todi says. Whereas Cecco Angiolieri reproaches his readers by saying: "who makes lasagne with flouer belonging to others/ has nor walls nor moat around his castle".This format is excellent with Neapolitan ragù with ricotta and game and meat sauces. The best use of Lasagna is in a baked casserole with a creamy besciamelle sauce. This oven dish is so acclaimed in Italy as to take its name after the pasta format itself.