Lievito Madre (Sourdough Yeast) Paneangeli (30g)

PANEANGELI has created the new dehydrated sourdough with yeast , a unique product for homemade bread preparation.Your bread will also be soft the next day, fresh and fragrant "as it used to be", thanks to the special recipe: sourdough, enriched with beer yeast and malted flour, is the secret of the success of this product and will give your bread the unique flavor and color of the homemade one.The sourdough dried yeast paneangeli has a great advantage in its use: it is extremely easy to use because it must be neither dissolved nor re-activated in the water, but it should be added directly to the flour in addition to two teaspoons of sugar.The product needs longer leavening times (the dough needs two leavening phases) to obtain the unique and special consistency of good bread as it once was.

Ingredients: Emulsifier: sorbitan monostearate, malted soft wheat flour, Dehydrated yeast 16%, Dehydrated soft wheat mother dough 67%. May contain traces of milk, eggs, nuts, soya.

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