Lievito Vanigliato - Vanilla Yeast Paneangeli 10 sachets (160g)
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The Yeast Paneangeli is the founder of the largest "family" paneangeli. The Vanilla Yeast Paneangeli has always been the magical ally of those who love to prepare homemade desserts! Thanks to instant leavening, just add it last to the dough, put in the oven already hot .. and you're done! With over 80 years of tradition and experience, the Yeast Paneangeli always ensures a perfect result and enriches all desserts with a delicate vanilla fragrance. Evoking the magic and purity related to the world of angels, real allies of those who love to prepare homemade desserts, the Yeast Paneangeli, is unmistakable in its beautiful sea green and sky blue packaging.

Ingredients: Disodium disodium phosphate E 450, sodium hydrogen carbonate E 500, maize starch, stabiliser: calcium salts of fatty acids E 470a, flavourings.

10 sachets


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