Loconte Pizza Flour Fiore (1kg)

Lo Conte selects and mixes Italian soft grains, also ground to stone, to give your recipes a traditional flavour and the rustic scent of freshly baked pizza, typical of the best pizzeria.

Up to 24 hours of leavening
Our 00 Flour for Pizza is ideal for making the best homemade dough pizza.
Ideal strength W 240-260
For leavening times from 2 to 12 hours at room temperature
Up to 24 hours in the fridge

Golden and fragrant pizzas
Our 00 flour for Pizza is enriched with vital germ and sourdough which offers many advantages:
Excellent alveolation and soft dough
Golden cornice
Proteins, vitamins and minerals
More perfume and taste
Lightness and digestibility

24 months natural life
The Magic Flours are naturally dried to better absorb liquids and to ensure longer storage, without surprises (eg butterflies) and without the need to sift.
This is why their natural life is so far:
Check yourself!

With the transparent packaging, see what you buy!

The practical plastic package does not get wet on the work surface.


"00" type soft wheat flour (93%), "5%" dried wheat sourdough ("00" soft wheat flour, soft wheat malt flour), Soft wheat germ (1%), Antioxidant: ascorbic acid-E300, CONTAINS GLUTEN, Produced in a factory where soy and sesame are also processed

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