Mellow Yellow Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil (5l)
  • Description
A healthy, tasty and brilliantly versatile cooking oil for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Grown with care and produced with passion on our family farm.
Ingredients: Rapeseed
Process: Rapeseed grown on the family farm, is stored, pre-cleaned to around 98% purity, and mechanically pressed to extract the oil at temperatures below 40 centigrade.
Oil has initial settling period, before filtering (at 5 micron) for the final product.
Appearance: A clear yellow coloured oil. Fine sediment particles can from time to time settle out in the oil, which has not been captured in the filtration process. This is more likely to be found in oil produced in winter months.
Texture: A smooth culinary oil
Taste: A light clean oil, with no oily after taste. Subtle nutty taste, also can taste hints of butter or green grass.
Shelf life: One year.
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