Monogram Franciacorta Saten 75cl

Monogram Satèn is Castel Faglia’s prestige cuvée obtained from the best parcels of the estate’s terraced vineyards, which boast an ideal aspect. Produced exclusively from chardonnay (100%).

Tasting Notes: The fragrance develops an intensity of aromas and rich complex of white flowers and ripe fruit The taste is soft, elegant and creamy due to the lower amount of dissolved carbon dioxide. The color is straw yellow, with lingering bubbles and fine perlage. Thanks to it's complexity it may be served in any moment. Perfect with shellfish, caviar, raw fish, fish and white meat and selected cold cuts. It's ideal to create a special atmosphere during cocktails and important occasions.

Production Area: Italy - Lombardy

Winery: Sandro Cavicchioli

Main Grape: 100% Chardonnay

ABV: 12.50%

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