WH | Mutti Pomodori a Pezzettoni - Finely Chopped Tomatoes (6x2.5Kg)
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Mutti Pulp maintains all the freshness of recently harvested tomatoes.
It's a unique product because it pairs diced tomato pulp with tomato juice.
Mutti Pulp has more water than a puree, which is why it's perfect for egg-based pasta since egg-based pasta is not as smooth as semolina-based pasta and absorbs more sauce.
Mutti Pulp is also perfect for baking and long-cooking times but you can also try it with bruschetta or thick-crust pizza when you need to maintain that fresh tomato flavour.

Mutti is an Italian company, founded in 1899, specialized in tomato canned food and internationally recognized for the quality of its products.

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