WH | Peroni Beer Gran Riserva Glass Bottles (24x330ml)
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Peroni Gran Riserva is the double malt beer from Birra Peroni in Italy. It was launched in 1996 to celebrate the 150th year of Birra Peroni in Italy.

In 1999, it was awarded first prize at the International Beer & Cider Competition in London and, in 2000, gold for best high quality beer at the Brewing Industry International Awards.

The outstanding selection of aromatic hops and the 'cherie' spring barley, together with the Giovanni Peroni recipe are the secrets of an excellent beer, synonymous with high quality and tradition. These combine to give a full-bodied flavour with a prevalence of malty character.

ABV: 6.6%

Colour: Intense Gold

Serving Temperature: 6-8 Celsius

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