WH | Large Black Olives without Pit Crespo (4.3kg)
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Crespo Pitted Black Olives are tree-ripened olives with their pits (or seeds) removed. They are soaked in brine to season and pickle them. They make a welcome addition when making pizzas, cooking pasta dishes and whipping up salads. If you are craving for some Mediterranean flavour, these black olives can deliver the taste you want in your food. They have a soft texture with a sweet, full flavour that will give a wonderful tang to your favourite appetisers, breads, dips, and soups.
Store jar in a cool and dry place. Do not subject to heat and moisture. Once opened, keep the olives immersed in brine and refrigerated.
Crespo Olives are well known for their quality and taste. Their production began in the 1950s to cater for the French market. Since then, the company expanded their production and has established a prominent reputation in olive processing.

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