Lauretana Sparkling Water - Pininfarina Designer Glass Bottle (750ml)
(Delivery in London Catchment Only)

From Paolo Pininfarina, the designer of Ferrari and other elite sports cars, comes a designer water collaboration. Pure natural goodness supplied by Lauretana and nature presented in a stylish, boutique vessel courtesy of Pininfarina. Enjoy the sleek sports car styling of the Pininfarina signature bottle and take pleasure in drinking.

Lauretana's glacial springs are located at 1,050m above sea level in one of the greenest valleys of Piedmont. This alpine location is completely untouched and far from any industrial or residential settlements, keeping the source pristine and far from danger of contamination.

The long underground watercourse from the glaciers to the spring twists through the deep windings of the crystalline rocks of Monte Rosa and the surrounding peaks. This rocky river bed in the roots of the ancient geological formations filters and preserves the water making it microbiologically pure without the need to process or filter the water prior to bottling.

This exceptional purity makes it an ideal choice for the health-conscious.

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