WH | Tortellini With Ham Divella (8x250g)
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Divella Tortelloni are made with fresh egg pasta that is filled with ham. This product must be stored refrigerated. 


Grana Padano DOP (egg lysozyme) 2.5% on the filling, 0.8% on the finished product), Salt, Fresh eggs of category A (19.3% on the dough, 8.6% on the filling, 15.6% on the finished product), Raw ham (pork legs, salt) 3.8% on the filling, 1.3% on the finished product), Flavors (milk, wheat), Durum wheat semolina, Potato flakes, Andiossidante: extract of rosemary, stewed pork meat (pork, salt, sugar, pepper, mace, coriander, nutmeg), sunflower oil, grated bread ("0" type soft wheat flour, natural yeast, salt, water)

May contain traces of soy


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