WH | Guanciale di Maiale Stagionato - Dry Cured Pork Cheek Simonini (Avg. 750g)
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Guanciale is dry cured pork cheek coated in black pepper

Gluten free
Dairy free
Registered on Celiac book

The cheek lard is made, as the name suggests, from the pig's cheek provided with rind; it is a very valuable fatty part and appreciated.
It is then subsequently salted and peppered, flavoured with herbs such as rosemary and sage, and then be placed in maturing for 30-40 days.
The result is a very nutritious and tasty cured meat, tinged with muscle strips depending on the animal.

It is a key ingredient of Italian cuisine, without which wonderful dishes such as carbonara and amatriciana would not taste the same.
Furthermore, the cheek lard is used as a condiment for the vegetables or soups, as well as a base for many types of sauce.

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