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Ferrero Kinder Cocoa Plumcake (6x198g) | Delicatezza
Ferrero Kinder Greek Yogurt Plumcake (6x192g) | Delicatezza
Save 12%
Ferrero Kinder Kornetti Peach and Apricot (252g) | Delicatezza
Save 11%
Kinder Delice (390g) - Ferrero | Delicatezza
Save 12%
Kinder Pane Ciok (300g) - Ferrero | Delicatezza
Save 13%
Ferrero Brioss Apricot and Cereals (280g) | Delicatezza
Save 11%
Ferrero Fiesta (360g) | Delicatezza
£4.69 £5.29
Fiesta (360g) Ferrero
Tronky Nocciola | Delicatezza
Ferrero duplo Nocciolato (7x26g) | Delicatezza
Estathe Lemon Can Ice Tea (330ml) | Delicatezza
Estathe Lemon Ice Tea (1.5l) | Delicatezza
Estathe Peach Ice Tea (1.5l) | Delicatezza
<p>Experience a delightful sensory experience with our Dark Chocolate, Liqueur, and Cherry combination. With each bite, you'll savor the perfect balance of dark chocolate's rich crunch, the depth of liqueur, and the natural sweetness of cherries. This unique treat offers a harmonious blend of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more. Discover the ultimate pleasure in every bite with our premium confectionery.</p>
Nutella Biscuits (304g) | Delicatezza
Estathe Peach Can Ice Tea (330ml) | Delicatezza
Save 13%
Kinder Brioss Latte (270g) - Ferrero | Delicatezza
Pocket Coffee (Box of 5) | Delicatezza
Save 12%
Kinder Colazione Più (290g)- Ferrero | Delicatezza

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