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Arborio Risotto Rice
Polenta Rustica Bramata Santa Caterina (1kg)
Valsugana Polenta Classica (375g)
Carnaroli Rice DOP (1kg)
Knorr Pumpkin Risotto (175g)
Knorr Risotto Pescatora (15x175g)
Save 40%
Knorr Prawn Risotto (175g)
Black Wholemeal Rice (1kg)
Save 41%
Ribe Risotto Rice - Pasini
£1.99 £3.39
Ribe Risotto Rice (1kg)
Quinoa (1kg)
Quinoa (1kg)
Divella Polenta Istantanea (500g)
Knorr Potato Granpure' (3x75g)
Barilla Cous Cous (500g)
Knorr Porcini Mushroom Risotto (175g)
Knorr Artichokes Risotto (175g)
Knorr Saffron Milanese Risotto (175g)
Knorr Saffron and Mushrooms Risotto (175g)
Carnaroli Risotto Rice (1kg)
Santa Caterina Polenta Instant
Barilla Pastina Risoni
Flora Rice for salad (1kg)

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