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Salsicciamo Sausage & Nduja Mince
Pork Meatballs Classic
Pork Meatballs Classic (35x25g)
Pork & Nduja Meatballs (35x25g)
Tuscan Sausage mince
Sicilian Sausage Mince (1Kg)
Calabrian Sausage Mince (1Kg)
Sausage & Nduja Mince for Pizza (10x50g)
Pork Meatballs Onion & Parsley (35x25g)
Breakfast sausages (24x60g)
Pork, Onion & Parsley Meatballs (12x25g)
Pork & Nduja Meatballs (12x25g)
Pork & Nduja Meatballs (5x12x25g)
Salsicciamo BBQ Wheels (8x120g) - with fennel

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