Paneangeli translates as “the angel’s bread”. This Italian trademark is widely known throughout Europe. The brand’s story began with a tiny bakery shop in Cremona, which was destined to become a launching pad for the brand’s founder, Ettore Riccardi. The Paneangeli Company nearly disappeared during World War II, but managed to stay afloat and move to Genoa.
Over time, a single store and a bakery turned into the whole baking network, and in early 1980s the company entered the national markets.
Paneangeli has not departed from the usual panification to a confectionery industry. Nowadays, their major products are aimed at those who have a sweet tooth. Paneangeli cakes and festive pastries are well-known outside Italy. The brand also produces different edible cake decorations, baking powders, cake mixes, and other baking goods that have settled down in the kitchen arsenal of many housewives. 

Available: Yeast, Vanilla aroma Powder, Gelatina and Chocolate drops